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Citizen Reported Service Requests Across Kosovo

When you spot potholes, broken streetlights, and damaged street signs in Kosovo, you can report this issue to your local government using the platform, a Fix My Community project run by Democracy Plus. With over 2600 problems reported around the country, this platform also provides a large amount of information about the issues, including if they have been addressed by local governments and after how long. Democracy Plus uses Keshif to visualize citizen reports thematically and geospatially and make it easy for municipal governments to easily digest the information, view trends by category and municipality, identify gaps and number of days to review and respond to issues.

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Citizens complain mostly about trash (75%), specifically about the illegal dumping of trash, potholes (13%) and broken streetlights (6%).


To date, only around 10% of the reported issues have been validated and fixed. The municipality with the highest number of fixed issues is Prishtina (37%), followed by Mitrovica (10%), Prizren (7%), and Gjakova (7%).


On average, it takes about 90 days to address issues. Complains about sewage systems are the fastest to be fixed, with a 20-day response time, whereas the illegal dumping of trash and broken streetlights take the longest to fix, with 140 and 120 days.

About Democracy Plus

Democracy Plus (D+) is an independent, not-for- profit organization, founded by a group of activists who strongly believe in democratic values and in a democratic Kosovo. Our organization’s principal goal is to support democratic values and practices in the scope of good governance, rule of law, elections and political parties, social issues, and human rights.


Jetmir Bakija


Jetmir Bakija is the co-founder of Democracy Plus, a Prishtina-based nonprofits that uses technology to address good governance issues and public service delivery. Jetmir runs the, a fix-my-community crowdfunding platform that makes it easier for citizens to report public service complaints to municipal instituion using GPS coordinates and mobile photography. Jetmir is a long time civil society activist in Kosovo and has helped civic engagment initiatives in Nepal, Afghanistan and Liberia.

Isuf Zejna


Isuf Zejna is the co-founder of Democracy Plus. Isuf has as a project manager and lead researcher for Kosova Democratic Institute’s project Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement. His experience extends to writing and publishing policy papers, monitoring reports and guidelines for new journalists and civil society activists on the practice of monitoring public procurement. Isuf holds an LLM degeree in Commercial Law from the University of Pitsbourgh, Pennsylvania.

Roberta Osmani

Senior Researcher

Roberta Osmani is a senior researcher for good governance at Democracy Plus. She holds a Masters degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University. She has specialized in quantitative program evaluation and impact measurement for projects at central and local level. Her area of expertise is on fiscal and social policies, specifically tax systems in developing countries, as well as poverty and corruption alleviation.

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