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Transparency Index in Public Procurement for Municipalities

To better understand institution integrity at a local level in Kosovo and compare how municipalities ranks against each other in terms of their level of transparency and accountability in public procurement, you can browse the Transparency Index in Public Procurement assessment. To gain insights of transparency in public procurement throughout years, the Kosovo Democratic Institute/Transparency International Kosovo uses Keshif to visualize a rich dataset pertaining to 17 indicators across 38 municipalities over a period of five years. The Index data enable the public to explore trends, ratings, and understand behaviour of individual municipalities in terms of publishing documents online, consistency and clear presentation of information and documents related to tax expenses.

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While most municipalities are increasing their transparency in budgeting in 2015 but decreasing it in 2016, the municipalities in region of Gjilan seem to continuously have higher transparency in budgeting.


The highest ranked municipalities in terms of tranparency in public procurement are Istog, Prizren and Kacanik. Kacanik also seems to be the highest ranked municipality on the transparency on public auctions.


Overall, transparency in public procurement has decreased, whereas the transparency in budgeting has increased from 2014 to 2016.

About Democratic Institute of Kosovo

Democratic Institute of Kosovo (KDI) is a non-governmental organization, that was founded as a spinoff of the Program for Civic Participation of the National Democratic Institute. KDI's focus is on capacity building of civil society in monitoring of elections, monitoring of the Assembly of Kosovo and Municipality Assemblies, advocacy and civic engagement in policy making. Since 2007, KDI is a branch of Transparency International in Kosovo, and since 2015, a member of the European Network of Election Monitoring.


Elira Tahiri

Advocacy Officer

Elira Tahiri is an Advocacy Officer at Kosov Democratic Institute, as part of the Program for Anti-Corruption. She holds a Law Degree from the University of Prishtina. She has previously worked as an intern at KDI, having recently promoted to the Officer position.

Agnesa Haxhiu

Project Officer

Agnesa Haxhiu works as a project officer at Kosovo Democratic Institute. She has previosly served as a project coordinator at IDRA. Prior to that she has served as an intern at the Instituet of Socail Studies and Humaintatines at the University of Pristhtina. She completed bachelor studies at the University of Prishtina in the Department of Sociology. She holds a Master degree from University of Graz with a scholarship from Erasmus +.

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