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Local Elections in 10 Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo

What has been the voter turnout in the Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo, which have been the most voted parties, and what was the male-to-female ratio of votes and municipal assembly members? To answer these questions, the New Social Initiative uses Keshif to visualize and explore local election data from 2017 and 2013 in the following ten municipalities: North Kosovska Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Leposavić, Zvečan, Štrpce, Klokot, Gracanica, Novo Brdo, Ranilug and Partesh.

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All Serb majority municipalities have voted to elect the Srpska lista in the 2017 municipality elections in Kosovo. In addition, the number of votes to Srpska lista has increased relative to 2013 results in all of the municipalities.


Overall, male candidates got 6 time more votes than female candidates in all ten Serb majority municipalities. However, the gender quota has helped women get one third of the seats in municipality assemblies. A male member represents 500 votes in average, while a woman member represents 155 votes.


In northern municipalities there was a general increase in voter turnout from 2013, while in the southern municipalities there was a slight drop in the turnout.

About New Social Initiative

New Social Initiative (NSI) is a not-for-profit organization based in North Mitrovica. NSI's vision is to have a deradicalized public discourse in a free and prosperous societies, which understand communities’ interests, fears and aspirations. Our mission is to conduct high quality independent research and provide innovative policy proposals and practical recommendations to the interested parties at local, regional, and international level.


Jovana Radosavljevic

Executive Director

Jovana Radosavljevic is the executive director at New Social Initiative in North Mitrovica. She is researcher and civil society activist from Leposavic. She has previously worked as a junior researcher for the Slovak Agency for International Develompent Cooperation. She holds a Masters degree in International Studies from Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.

Milica Radovanovic

Project Manager

Miica Radovanovic serves as a project manager and researcher at the New Social Initative. She is from Mitrovica, and currently is pursuing her bachelor of Law at the Faculty of Law in North Mitrovica.

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