Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports (POLIS)

Civic oversight and participatory budgeting for increased local governance quality

Municipality assemblymen and women have limited tools to understand and ensure quality in planning and execution of the budget of the municipality of Shtime. To address this gap and to enable local lawmakers to effectively understand and scrutinize budgetary expenses of the municipality of Shtime, POLIS uses Keshif to visualize and digest over 3,700 payments of the Shtime municipality over a period of one year amounting to EUR 6,7M. The data shows an overview of all expenses based on categories, sub-contractors, timeline, as well as detailed information on individual expenses/bills.

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Besides the municipality staff salaries (€3.9M), the largest expenditures in Shtime include building local roads (€700,000), pavements (€190,000) and investment maintenance costs (€190,000).


Ardhmeria Ntp (€670,000), Bageri Npsh(€260,000), and Techno Invest Group (€120,000) are the contractors which have received the largest contracts from the municipality of Shtime, mainly for capital investments and goods and services.


The municipality of Shtime spent €4,000 on per diems, out of which 73% were for the mayor of Shtime, Mr. Naim Ismajli.

About Public Organization for Local Initiatives and Supports

POLIS is a local initiative committed to solving problems and ensure good governance at a local level in Kosovo. POLIS's goal is to engage in smaller municipalities and support them in enabling citizens to actively participate in decision-making. POLIS operates in five sectors to stimulate good governance, civic participation, rule of law, economic development and the criteria for European Integration.


Fitim Sadiku

Executive Director

Fitim Tashaj is the executive director at POLIS. He has previously worked at the Central Election Commission and as a junior consultant for DEMOS Program by Helevatas. He has also served as a trainer for the Polling Station Councils' Members during the 2017 Parliamentary and Local Elections. He holds a bachelor degree in political science and public administration.

Besnik Islamaj

Communications Specialist

Besnik Islamaj serves as communications specialist at POLIS. He is a graphic designer by trait, and focuses on providing effective visualizations for advocacy for Polis projects, including infographic and social media engagement.

Ylber Recica

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Ylber Recica serves as monitoring and evaluation specialist at POLIS. He is focused on data collection, management and planning. Ylber has previously served as a project manager for the Kosovo Forum for Peace.

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