Our Team

Adil Yalçın

Adil is the founder and CEO of Keshif, LLC and leads its technical, design, analytics, and consulting services. He founded the company after completing his PhD in Computer Science in University of Maryland as a member of its renowned Human Computer Interaction Lab. In his research, he created the basis of Keshif as the next-generation data exploration tool for all to understand data with the least effort. He is passionate about providing refined, effective, principled, and human-driven solutions, as opposed to complex tools with complex processes that increase barriers to effectively analyze data. His academic work in data analysis has been published and cited in various books, proceedings, and journals.

Behar Xharra

Behar is the COO of Keshif, LLC and leads the business development, growth, operations, planning, and client relations. He applies his background in technology, public policy, and security into new development opportunities for Keshif. A native of Kosovo, Behar has previously lead innovation, data analytics, program development, and policy programing for various governmental, not-for-profit, and private sector organizations in Washington DC, Dhaka, New York, Lagos and Prishtina. He is also a founding member of Germin, an organization working with diasporas and civic technology in the Western Balkans. Behar is a graduate of the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and Earlham College.

Genta Agaj

Genta supports the data analysis and communications within our program. She recently graduated her Master’s in Applied Economics at the University of Maryland through a USAID and Kosovo government scholarship. Genta’s experience includes monitoring and evaluation and business development in the private sector. She believes that decision making should be reliant on data, and is passionate about using data to help institutions and businesses make better decisions.