Democracy, Governance, Civil Society Solutions

We support governments, organizations, and communities to achieve their missions in strengthening public institutions and systems of governance to ensure effective decision making, service delivery, and accountability by utilizing our proprietary visual analytics technology and outcome-focused design, advisory, and development services.

Keywords: Open Data | Elections | Political Violence Monitoring | Data Capacity & Literacy | Civil Society Strengthening | Media Development | Perception Surveys | Crowdsourcing |

The Media Sustainability Index

We applied our data visualization technology and project lifecycle approach to develop a dynamic, analytically powerful and highly customizable data visualization platform for MSI to enable its community practitioners, including media advocates and professionals, organizations, policy makers and academics to easily assess media trends, track progress and understand how independent media sustainability shifted across Europe and Eurasia across multiple indicator dimensions and years.

The Freedom In The World Index

Keshif offers rich, dynamic and analytically powerful interactive data visualizations and dashboards for the Freedom in the World dataset by the Freedom House using our unique technology. Keshif's rich interactive suite of dashboards and charts include animated maps, score and ranking lists, time-series trends, dynamic scatterplots, customized country profiles, and powerful filtering across regions and countries. Our solution effectively enables the public, analysts, civil society activists, and policymakers, with varying data skills and needs, to easily track global and country-specific freedom status and trends at a glance, and perform in-depth analysis and discovery of this leading public dataset that measures numerous political rights and civil liberties scores of over 200 countries and territories for the past 30 years.

U.S. House of Representatives Elections - Polling Data Analytics

  • Client: A nationally recognized polling agency in the United States
  • Date: Octobner - November 2018
  • Tags: Survey Analytics, Conflict Prevention, Crisis Response, Countering Violent Extremism, Governance, Stabilization
  • Site:

We provided advisory services on data transformation and deployed our technology to deliver an exploratory and discovery dashboard to analyze and geo-spatially visualize a rich data model based on multilevel regression with poststratification (MRP) to predict Congressional race outcomes and potential upsets for the 2018 House of Representatives elections. The dataset derives from monthly polling of 50,000 households, conducted by a nationally recognized polling agency in the United States. The solution enables audiences to explore results for 435 Congressional Districts through interactive regional and hexagonal maps, as well as a detailed tabular district view consisting of information related to district status, forecasts, incumbent party, and approval ratings of the U.S. President.

* Note: The linked solution is an illustrative and limited sample of congressional election results using public data from City Lab .

The Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index

  • Client: FHI 360 / USAID
  • Tags: Grants Management, Networks, Finance, Impact
  • Site:
We applied our innovative data-visualization technology and project-lifecycle approach to rapidly develop an intuitive, powerful, and customized interactive visual dashboard for the CSOSI, including rich interactive maps, scored lists, time-series trends, scatterplots, customized country charts and profiles, and filtering across regions and countries. Our solution enables the global and diverse audience of the CSOSI, including CSO advocates, development partners, and academics, to easily track progress, spot trends, and understand how civil society organizations have fared across countries, indicator dimensions, and years.

Visual Analytics for Kosovo General Elections 2017

Keshif deployed its technology to deliver an advanced interactive visualization and exploratory dashboard to help sift through vast amounts of election data from Kosovo, for the purpose of better understanding voter results and outcomes from a candidate and municipality-based overview. The solution enables visualization of the total number of votes per individual candidate by name, gender, party, and per municipality. Users will be able to view aggregated data in an absolute and relative numbers, select, filter and compare results of individual candidates, and access metrics based on gender and number of votes. An additional dashboard view reveals voting irregularity patterns per region and commissioner demographics by visualizing polling station data (location, municipality, total/irregular/spoiled votes) linked with commissioner data (education, gender, political affiliation, municipality).

Visual Analysis for Crowdsourced Citizen Service Requests

  • Client: Democracy Plus
  • Date: December 2017 - June 2018
  • Tags: Civil Society, Citizen Reporting, Service Delivery, Citizen Security, Youth Engagement, Data Collections
  • Site:

We applied our innovative data-visualization technology to develop intuitive, powerful, interactive visual dashboard to enable Democracy Plus to effectively analyze and present thousands of citizen service requests submitted in the (Fix My Community) platform, which uses crowdsourcing to inform local governments of public infrastructure and service issues across the country. With over 3,000 reports related to garbage dumps, broken streetlights, and damaged street signs, the platform provides a way to hold local governments accountable. Democracy Plus uses Keshif to visualize citizen reports thematically and geospatially and make it easy for municipal governments and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning to respond to citizen requests in a timely fashion.