Our Mission

Organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals increasingly rely on data every day. They hope to quickly make sense of growing data to understand their world, make better decisions and take effective actions. At Keshif, LLC, we believe the most effective path to insights and knowledge from data is through an interactive, visual, and intuitive dialogue with the data. With that vision, we provide Keshif, a new web-based data exploration tool, to enable data exploration with the least effort, the most insights, in the shortest time. In addition, we support the full life-cycle of data exploration from first steps in data discovery, to deployment and adoption of exploratory solutions, in a way that fits your organizational needs.

Keshif innovates as a human-first data exploration environment that converts the increasing complexity into simplicity, beauty, and speed, improving beyond the best practices. Existing tools, designs, and processes introduce many layers of options and complexity to start communicating with the data. At Keshif, we reduce the challenges to making complex visualization and interaction decisions through innovative design.

What would it be like if it was a joy to work with your data, to see it come alive quickly, and reveal its secrets?

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We are located in the Washington, DC area!

Data has no boundaries.
Nor do we.
We are open to work with you remotely.

Keshif's implementation is based on the earlier work
at University of Maryland, College Park, 2014-2016


M. Adil Yalçın Founder, CEO
Adil is the founder and CEO of Keshif, LLC and leads its technical, design, analytics, and consulting services. He founded the company after completing his PhD in Computer Science in University of Maryland as a member of its renowned Human Computer Interaction Lab. In his research, he created the basis of Keshif as the next-generation data exploration tool for all to understand data with the least effort. He is passionate about providing refined, effective, principled, and human-driven solutions, as opposed to complex tools with complex processes that increase barriers to effectively analyze data. His academic work in data analysis has been published and cited in various books, proceedings, and journals.
Behar Xharra COO
Behar is the COO of Keshif, LLC and leads the business development, growth, operations, planning, and client relations. He applies his background in technology, public policy, and security into new development opportunities for Keshif. A native of Kosovo, Behar has previously lead innovation, data analytics, program development, and policy programing for various governmental, not-for-profit, and private sector organizations in Washington DC, Dhaka, New York, Lagos and Prishtina. He is also a founding member of Germin, an organization working with diasporas and civic technology in the Western Balkans. Behar is a graduate of the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and Earlham College.
Niklas Elmqvist Advisor
Assoc. Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
Ben Bederson Advisor
Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Startup Member / Alumni


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