At Keshif, we enable rapid visual discovery and analysis of your data with our self-service platform, licensing, application and program development capabilities.
Self-service data exploration
Our Magellan plan supports analyzing private datasets & organizational accounting.
See our self-service plans below.
Licensing & development
Our flexible, modern, web-first technology and design can adapt to any modern environment and data backend.
Applications built for your data
We offer custom development, integrations, and data management solutions for target outcomes.
Read about our data insight solutions.
Capacity building and training
We partner with organizations working in data literacy and social impact.
Read about our Data Capacity program.
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Self-Service Exploration Plans

Piri Reis Magellan
Or, $100/month
for 10 accounts
Number of Datasets, Dashboards, Views Unlimited Unlimited
Select, filter, compare & explore data
All-In-Sync dashboards
Import & view public data
Save personal dashboards
Share public dashboards
Import from Google Sheet, Drive &
Share & view dashboards from private data
Embed dashboards in external websites
Import private data
Additional cloud data integrations
Premium support & onboarding
Great for
Open Data &
Data Enthusiasts
Organizational &
Personal Data
Explore your data with Keshif now

Common Questions & Answers

Do I need to enter credit card info
to explore my data in Keshif online?
Nope! Just sign-in and explore public data with Piri Reis plan.
And, let us know about your goals, so we can help you get there faster.
Is my data secure and private?
What information do you keep?
Your data privacy and security is our priority.
For our online platform use, check out our security page and privacy policy for details. We also offer licensing for on-premise use on private networks.
More info at our Knowledge Base