Simple, Straightforward, Affordable
Discovery and Analysis for Your Data

Piri Reis Magellan Marco Polo
$10 per month
$100 annualy (2-month free)
Free 14 Day Trial
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Data Exploration Platform Private, on-premises
Number of Datasets Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Views Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Select, Filter, Compare & Explore
All-In-Sync Dashboards
Live Data Connection
Import and view publicly accessible data
Save Personal Dashboards
Share Public Dashboards
Data from Google Sheet & Drive
Import Private Data
View dashboards from private data
Other cloud data integrations
Rich time-series analysis & custom maps
Data from custom databases
Integrate into external apps
Great for
Open Data &
Data Enthusiasts
Organizational &
Personal Data
In-house, richer
data analysis
Explore your data now
Compass Service
Do you need a helping hand to uncover the potential of your data? We will be happy to be your compass in assessing and preparing your data, and making it explorable with Keshif.
Let us know about your goals.

Common Questions & Answers

Can I manage multiple accounts (seats) for my team?
Yes! You can purchase multiple seats for a team or organization, and assign them to members on the platform.
Can I subscribe to Magellan with a yearly plan?
Yes! We offer an annual billing option for $100, which means you get 2 months for free with annual billing!
Do you offer special pricing for non-profits, educational use, or startups?
Yes, we are happy to support non-profits, educational use, and small businesses. Tell us about your mission!
Do I need to enter credit card info
to explore my data with Keshif?
Nope! Just sign-in, and use our Piri Reis plan to explore public datasets. The trial for Magellan requires no credit card info.
Is my data secure and private? What information do you keep?
Your data security and privacy is integral to our values. Check out our security and privacy pages for details.
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