Solutions for Data Insights with Keshif

We enable organizations and individuals to quickly and effectively understand and explore data from a wide range of subjects, domains, sectors, and geography.

Our clients and partners include public and private sector organizations, multilateral agencies and nonprofits working in developing countries and complex environments, startups, educational and research institutions around the globe—spanning the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Central Africa and Sahel, Middle East and South Asia.

Individuals & Groups:
Analyzing demographics, activities, and networks of violent extremist groups & actors
Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the U.S. (PIRUS) by START
Analyzing actors, outcomes, locations, and sources of global or regional events
Global Terrorism Database
Aid Worker Security Database
Social media
Analyzing narratives and metrics
Religious Texts Used by ISIS in Twitter
Surveys and qualitative research
Analyzing local perceptions, dynamics and influential actors in complex environments
We are proud alumni of the PeaceTech Accelerator.
The status and trends of economic development, media sustainability, freedom, food security, and more.
For global or regional indicators, over multiple years.
Media Sustainability Index, IREX & USAID ~ Europe & Eurasia
Sample, World Bank Data ~ Global
Freedom in the World, Freedom House ~ Global
Food Security in South Sudan, IPC ~ Sub-national
A program that combines access to our innovative platform, training modules, and one-on-one consulting.
Improving data literacy skills for advocacy and community development through data.
Rapid data-driven project development for organizations in developing world.
Example results
Transparency Index in Public Procurement for Municipalities, Kosova Democratic Institute
Readership Macro Index, FSbunker
Understanding and exploring humanitarian response surveys, field monitoring results, and disaster relief efforts
Grant management, partnership networks, and funding distributions
Integrations with data collection platforms for real-time visualization of data
We believe the public should actively explore, question, and learn from public data.
Our data integrations include the rising open data platform,
Crowdsourced Citizen Requests - Democracy Plus
DC Government - Enterprise Dataset Inventory 2018
Visualizing Kosovo Election Results - Democracy Plus
Household & child nutrition survey results ~ Bread for the World Institute & IFPRI
Quickly understand trends within and across multiple questions.
With innovative design for rich analysis in multi-option questions.
Connect to your data in Google Forms and Kobo Toolbox. Extendible for other tools.
Applicable to market surveys and analytics.
UAS Stakeholder Survey - Center for Innovative Technologies
Visual trends and browsing for documents, multimedia, and publications
Situation Reports - UNICEF South Sudan
Media Sustainability Index - Country Profiles with PDFs - IREX & USAID
Exploring Conference Programs - Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
TED Talks browser
Membership Networks
Global Data Journalists
Clinical Trials: Analysis conditions, drugs, labs, demographics & more
Experiment/study metrics: Analytics for experimental study results, including longitudinal studies.
Instructional analytics
Check out Haifa University researcher’s innovative approach here.
Course administration
Incorporating Learning Analytics into Basic Course Administration: How to Embrace the Opportunity to Identify Inconsistencies and Inform Responses Top Paper in Basic Course Division, NCA 2015
Increasing speed of discovery from raw data to uncover and share data-driven stories
Read our interview with DataDrivenJournalism
Here’s what Metro delays look like in bad weather - District Ninja for GreaterGreaterWashington
Refugee Immigration Admissions in the U.S. - DataJournalismDC. Data by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (
See our gallery of 150+ examples