Keshif : The fastest way from data to insights
Keshif rapidly turns your data into a beautiful, effective, dynamic interface on your web browser.
Keşif (keshif) means discovery & exploration in Turkish.
Become the explorer of your data with the best practices at your fingertips.
Save time by instantly creating live visual charts and dashboards.
In five minutes, learn how to start your intuitive dialogue with data. Video
Answer your questions and discover unexpected trends in an instant.
Have more time to see your data effectively and discover rich insights.
Import your data to Keshif, create your data browser, explore relations, and share!

Use Cases

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Effective, consistent visualization out of the box.
Carefully designed to match your data & your eyes.
Bar-chart | Histogram | Line-chart | Map | Matrix | Network
Intuitive, powerful, in-sync interaction with your data.
Mouse-over to highlight . Lock to compare .
Click to filter .
New perspectives into your data when it matters the most.
Trends by absolute or part-of relations.
Measurements by record count, total and average.
Scalable Design. Open-Source. Flexible. Customizable.

Exploration of up to hundreds of thousands of records.

Built for your web browser, using the web standards and technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and d3.

Data import from Google Sheet, CSV, JSON, XML files (locally or from cloud).
Extensible for custom data sources and formats.

Simple JS API for customizable data browsers.
See wiki for docs.

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Demo and Examples

Explore over 160 public datasets made explorable with Keshif below.


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M. Adil Yalçın Founder, CEO
Keshif, LLC

PhD, University of Maryland, College Park
Behar Xharra COO
Keshif, LLC

MA, Columbia University
Niklas Elmqvist Advisor
Associate Professor
University of Maryland, College Park
Ben Bederson Advisor
University of Maryland, College Park