Visualizing Pathways to Individual Radicalization in the United States

Keshif built a powerful and interactive visual dashboard to explore and analyze profiles of radicalized individuals in the United States. The solution is based on rich interactive visualizations to perform descriptive analytics across geographies, time, ideologies, demographics, affiliation, criminal history, means of radicalization, and other key metrics.


North America



  • Stabilization and Transition
  • Surveys
  • Networks


START has developed the largest known open source database containing information on the backgrounds, attributes, and radicalization processes of 2200+ violent and non-violent extremists who adhere to various ideologies from 1948–2013. Using our solution, researchers and policy analysts can gain insightful analysis that help understand domestic radicalization from an empirical and scientifically rigorous perspective.

Visual Data Analytics and Dashboarding

We created an explorative dashboard that matches the PIRUS methodology and enables authoring for more in-depth data exploration with drag and drop features.

Data Preparation

We prepared data processing scripts to transform raw survey and network data to match the project methodology, and into formats optimized for visual exploratory analysis.

Web Design and Development

Our web design approach enables configuration of the dashboard, easy embedding on the organization's project website.