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Keşif means discovery & exploration in Turkish.

Our Difference

Our systematic human-first approach to rapid discovery is our key difference.
With our visual technology, forget about the complexities in charting and analytics, enjoy fluid ease of use, and save time.

Automated charts that match your data.
Shift your focus from charting and design to data discovery.
Keshif is a live, interactive, and transparent view into data.
Bar charts
Grouped bar charts
Box-plot (percentiles)
Maps (Regional)
Maps (Point)
Line/Area Charts
Matrix charts
Scatter Plots
Always and fully in-sync dashboards.
Filter, highlight, and compare with ease.

Faster analytics without separate filters and complex controls.

Keshif powers your data exploration with its intuitive and innovative interaction design.
The fastest way to import, create, save, and share.
Easy, secure, one-click data import from the cloud.

Save dashboards and track your insights.

Collaborate and share dashboards publicly or privately.

Seamless experience designed for data exploration.
For everybody, analysts or not.
Rich analytics meets simplicity.
Single click for powerful alternate views.
See trends by absolute or part-of relations.

Calculate and measure trends by count, total or average.

Switch between alternative views to reveal deeper context.

Control all charts and dashboards at once.
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Our unified approach enables organizations and individuals to quickly understand and explore data from a wide range of sectors and geography.

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