Welcome to the fastest way from data to insights!
Keshif rapidly turns data into a beautiful, interactive, visual dashboard.
Explore Your Data
Ke┼čif means discovery & exploration in Turkish.
The easiest way to turn your data sheets and tables into a web-based exploratory dashboard.
Become the explorer of your data with the best practices at your fingertips. Dialogue with data visually and interactively.
Save time and discover unexpected trends in an instant. Leave complex, costly tools and processes behind.

Design & Features

Effective, consistent visualizations out-of-the-box with zero effort.
Carefully designed to match your data & your eyes.

Bar-charts | Histograms | Line-charts | Maps | Matrix | Network | Scatter plots
See trends by absolute or part-of relations with just a single click.

Intuitive, powerful, in-sync interaction.

Mouse-over to highlight .
Lock to compare .
Click to filter .
Measure group trends by record count
or total / average of a feature
such as sales or number of employees.

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