Data-tech that amplifies human intelligence.

We create next-generation, interactive and visual data technologies that power 360-degree rapid data exploration, analysis, and presentation. Our end-to-end solutions enable secure and reliable data collection, management, real-time analysis and reporting.

Keshif’s unique technology lowers barriers in time, speed, effort, and cost in extracting and presenting the hidden trends in data.

Our solutions provide public and private applications, powered by embedded analytics with rich exploratory and narrative dashboards.

Our design approach engages and inspires stakeholders across the spectrum, from subject matter experts to the public.

The New Visual Analytics Tech.

Designed, engineered, implemented

With care at every step

For impact in the real world.

Case Studies

  • Media Sustainability Index

  • Global Payment Systems Survey

    World Bank Group
  • Freedom in the World

    Open Data, Freedom House
  • Aid Worker Security Database

    Open Conflict Data Project
  • Field Monitoring


Powerful & Rich Visual Analytics Features

About Keshif

We are a data analytics tech startup and boutique consultancy that advances the latest on visual data analytics science and practices with our team of veteran advisors and associates.

We think big data is beyond its size.
Big data is about navigating a myriad of big questions.

We believe in the power and elegance of profound simplicity.

We bring clarity to complexity.

Solutions across Sectors

Organizations across sectors can quickly understand and explore data using Keshif's unified approach.

The new public platform for rapid, easy data exploration

Create rich dashboards, without the complexity of programming and option paralysis of design tools.

Load your data from Google Sheet, Googe Drive, Data.World, OneDrive, Dropbox... Zero installation.

Sign-in to your account at and start your data exploration now.

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