Survey Design, Implementation, and Analytics

Keywords: Survey Analytics | Cross Sectional Themes | Real-time Data Display | Integration with Survey Platforms |

We enable design, deployment, and maintenance of large scale surveys, and rapidly bring the value out of the collected data by building rich platforms for 360-degree analytics using our uniquely intuitive and rapid visualization tech. Our team of data science, evaluation, and subject-matter experts provides on-site support with technical assistance, training, field testing, and data management.

Our Approach

  • Design of Survey Methodology
    We translate complex concepts and goals into data-driven methodologies that capture all aspects of program interventions, local perceptions, and beneficiary needs.
  • Implementation and Deployment of Survey Forms
    We implement structured survey forms using XLSForms (Kobo Toolbox, ONA) and other survey software (SurveyGizmo, SurveyMonkey), and deploy for various online, mobile, or offline data collection needs.
  • Preparation and Enrichment of Data
    We prepare data for effective and rich analysis via wrangling, transformation, and enrichment from auxiliary data sources.
  • Review for Data Quality Assurance
    We provide near real time progress and data quality monitoring, cleaning and maintenance to help improve and ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Integration for Rich Analysis
    We develop data connection streams between data collection servers and online data visualization tools for real-time data tracking and analysis.
  • Best-in-class Visual Analytics for Survey Data
    We build rich, intuitive interactive data visualizations and dashboard applications to help uncover knowledge and insights from the data Intuitive
  • Visual analysis with Subject-Matter Expertise
    We provide relevant and impactful evaluation and in-depth insights to support operations.
  • Communication and Story-telling of Trends
    We support data storytelling, digital outreach, and effective communications for targeted audiences and the public

Global Payment Systems Survey

  • Client: The World Bank
  • Date: August 2018 - Ongoing
  • Tags: Survey Analytics, Economic Development, Institution Building, Payments, Finance

We provide data-visualization technology and data lifecycle advisory services to support the World Bank’s financial inclusion mission. Specifically, we created a fully online streamlined survey process for hundreds of metrics from 140+ central banks that capture a snapshot of the status of payment systems, and elevated analytics and reporting capabilities across regions and subjects with a custom-built one-stop analytics platform and custom designed charts for print and publication. Our platform offers quick, visual, interactive, thematic analysis features for the GPSS team, and bespoke charts for public consumption and presentations. Our approach improves speed and efficiency of the GPSS workflow, facilitates collecting more data from more countries, and enables new perspectives, deeper analysis, and improved visualizations for communicating the results.


Mapping and Analysis of Prevention and Deradicalization Projects Dealing with Extremist Radicalization

  • Client: Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research (IKG)
  • Date: April 2018 - Ongoing
  • Site:

We applied our data-visualization technology to develop a dynamic, analytically powerful and customized data visualization platform to support the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research (IKG) and its institutional partners to map out, evaluate, and analyze over 1000 local initiatives focusing on prevention, de-radicalization, and disengagement from extremist groups and ideology taking place across Germany. Using Keshif, IKG and institutional partners can easily and intuitively navigate across and analyze multiple local initiatives, identify potential blindspot regions that require interventions and re-allocation of resources, and use this information to assess the outreach of initiatives on the ground.

Field Monitoring Survey for Humanitarian Operations in South Sudan

  • Client: UNICEF in South Sudan
  • Date: 2017 - 2019
  • Tags: Survey Analytics, M&E, Crisis Response, Humanitarian Assistance

We applied our data-visualization technology and provided full data lifecycle advisory services to support UNICEF in monitoring programmatic interventions, and amplify operational intelligence for emergency response across South Sudan. We supported the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) team with data methodology and strategy design, digitization and automation of paper-based data collection tools, and real-time visualizations of hundreds of metrics pertaining to delivery of basic humanitarian needs to children and mothers. Using Keshif, UNICEF staff are able to easily and intuitively navigate multiple projects and programmatic interventions, better understand the situation on the ground, identify programmatic constraints, and respond to emergency needs in real-time so as to ensure delivery of programs and accountability to donors.

Governance and Stabilization Perception Surveys

Survey Analysis in Syria, Somalia, Burkina Faso and Niger

  • Client: Various contractors of USAID, Office of Transition Initiatives
  • Date: February - August 2018
  • Tags: Survey Analytics, Conflict Prevention, Crisis Response, Countering Violent Extremism, Governance, Stabilization

We applied our innovative data-visualization technology and provided advisory services to transform survey data into intuitive, powerful, and interactive visual dashboards for various entities to analyze community perceptions on governance bottlenecks in countries like Yemen, North Macedonia, Syria, and Sri Lanka. Using Keshif, analysts were able to explore data through national and subnational maps, point locations, timelines and bar charts, matrix data, text and cross-section thematics.