[ Development and Advisory Services ]

We advise and create solutions. With you. For your data.

We solve full-scope data lifecycle and organizational needs, and amplify intelligence with results-oriented application development and advisory services around Keshif’s uniquely intuitive and rapid visualization technology.

Our solutions have increased data-analysis capacities of our clients across their teams, partners, and public beneficiaries. Based on our rich analytical dashboards & charting technology that reveal the true value of data, we support, enrich, act with, and build with data to meet project specific needs.

We deliver

Data Solutions
Beyond Dashboards.

Rich white-labeled data apps.

Our flexible deployments for unlimited users include
Public applications - Engage & inform the public.
Private applications - Custom, multi-user, secure, hosted solutions for real-time access to private data.
Embedded analytics - Elevate existing platforms with intuitive data exploration embedded on your data.
Customized features and bespoke charts that fit your data & needs.

Full-scope data lifecycle solutions.

Strengthen data methodologies and strategies.
Capture and enrich data via surveys or automation.
Ensure data quality, integrity and preparedness via detailed data reviews and transformations.
Deliver and support rich reporting and effective presentation of data, with subject-matter care.
Transfer know-how in data analytics via training, workshops, and tutorials.

Our flexible, modern, web-first visual analytics technology and design adapts to modern online environments and data backends.

How we work

We bring our data science, design, engineering, evaluation, and subject-matter expertise to work with your team through all stages of solution development, including one-on-one engagements, co-design sessions, workshops, field testing, and usability studies. To deliver results that exceed expectations, we utilize and improve upon the latest research and practices in technology and development.

Case Study : Military Balance+ Interactive Dashboards (IISS)

Case Study : Global Payment Systems Survey (The World Bank)

Case Study : MAPEX - Analytics for Survey on Prevention of Radicalization Projects in Germany

Case Study : Media Sustainability Index Dashboard (IREX)

Case Study : Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index Dashboard (FHI360)

Case Study : Humanitarian Operations in South Sudan (UNICEF)

Our Principles

We create shared ownership through inclusion.
We uphold user privacy & rights. People are not just "data".
We follow human-centered design principles.
We plan and deliver scalable solutions within context.
We strive towards simple, functional, elegant design.
We design to meet your data safety and security needs.

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