Data analytics applications
and advisory at your service

We solve important data analytics challenges with full-scope application development and advisory services powered by Keshif’s innovative and rapid visual data exploration technology.


Our Key Services

From project start to finish and beyond, we create actionable results rapidly at every step. We apply our skills in data analytics, web development, and design to help organizations collect, manage, and analyze information, reach important data-driven insights, and share results to inform and engage their audiences.

Visual Data Analytics and Dashboarding

We enable effortless data understanding and communication by creating exploratory and thematic dashboards, interactive charts and maps, as well as custom tailored visualizations.

Web Design and Development

We design and implement public or private web applications that integrate rich visual analytics, project resources, and other rich multimedia with project-specific branding and design.

Data Preparation

Our automation scripts and review processes enhance data reliability and quality via cleaning, tagging, and integrations, and transform raw data to explorable, analytical data.

Data Collection

We author and deploy rich digital forms and workflows to collect, monitor, review, and verify data. We integrate live data from external sources for analysis.

Data Strategy

We help translate complex concepts and project goals into data strategies and methodologies for effective data capture, management, and analysis.

Other Services

To ensure best results at every stage, we implement user studies and research that inform solutions, workshops and training that transfer know-how, and provide support beyond delivery.


We enjoy working with mission-driven organizations across sectors, and contributing with our technology and expertise to create data solutions that improve the wellbeing of people around the world.

Monitoring, Evaluation & LearningEconomy, Finance & TradeHealthDemocracy & GovernanceDefenseStabilization & Transition

Visual Analytics Applications

We refine our technology with its key components for each project, creating visual analytics experiences that are easy to use with the right features. Our technology can ingest data from external sources, APIs, surveys, data files, and provide secure data access where needed.

Visual Analytics Applications
Public web applications

Engage and inform the public with insights and analytics from your project data.

Private web applications

Access private data across sections in secure, multi-user, managed solutions

Custom visualization design and development

Visualize and analyze your data with bespoke interactive charts that are tailored to specific needs.

Self-service analytics platform

Import your data and create rich dashboards using our core technology, without the complexity of programming and navigating too many options.

Discover self-service analytics

Hosting & Infrastructure

Our rich data interfaces are supported by backend and hosting services that provide reliable, fast, secure access to project data and assets.

We are a Google Cloud Partner with expertise in Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring. We recommend and implement most of our solutions on the Google Cloud, and continuously take care of all application management details.

Google Cloud Partner

Our core technology can be deployed on any cloud environment (such as AWS and Azure), and can integrate with data from any database.

We offer licensing for deployment on infrastructure managed by the client, whether on premise or cloud.

Our Approach

We work with our partners to build functional, elegant, secure and sustainable solutions that last.

We meet project-specific contexts and requirements by bringing best practices and innovation.

We work with our partners through ideation, prototyping, testing, refinements, and delivery.

We produce initial results rapidly, and refine iteratively towards the final solution.

We create sustainable solutions, and shared ownership through inclusion.