Data-Driven Website for Benchmarking Infrastructure Development

Keshif created data and web solutions for the World Bank’s Benchmarking Infrastructure Development project. Our solutions enable automated data collection and rich and visual access to detailed analysis on national regulations and practices for infrastructure projects at a country and global level.

World Bank



2019 - 2020

  • Economy, Finance and Trade
  • Surveys
  • Indicators


The Benchmarking Infrastructure Development report offers regulatory and practice assessments for infrastructure projects across countries using a large-scale survey of experts. Using our solution, policymakers, businesses, and practitioners can quickly access the latest legal framework overviews and best practices for the development of new public infrastructures. In-depth information for each country supports localized decision making. Global statistical overviews help practitioners identify strengths and gaps across countries, regions, and income groups.









The richness of the regulatory data on which this assessment is based makes it difficult to achieve the right balance between offering the audience unrestricted access to all the collected information and presenting it in an accessible and interactive way. We did not reach that balance in the past. With Keshif on board and using their proprietary but customizable visual dashboarding technology, we achieved to bring to life our rich dataset and complex scoring methodology. Using their dashboarding tools as the keystone, Keshif went on to develop an impeccable public website fully adhering to all corporate requirements that provide interactive access to our dataset, contributing to its broader impact. Keshif’s expertise, advice, responsiveness, and continuing support along a challenging process made it possible.

F. Ruiz Nuñez, Senior Economist, the World Bank

Visual Exploration & Discovery

Discover our tech
  • Immediately access global trends and country snapshots with scores across multiple thematics within the landing page.

  • View country profiles with at-a-glance charts that reveal the rich, multi-level information in a digestible and easy to navigate format reflecting project methodology details.

  • Compare across regions and income groups at a global level using average thematic scores.

  • Access to question-level data across countries, and visually spot regional trends and capacities across countries, along with access to aggregate statistical analysis

  • Perform cross tabular analysis and exploration of data via in-depth analytic dashboards in an internal portal

Visual Data Analytics and Dashboarding

We created thematic and explorative dashboards that match the project’s scoring methodology and enable authoring for in-depth internal analysis of the data.

Data Collection

We developed a custom data collection application to help collect more data across countries. The team could assess data collection progress in near-real-time via Keshif dashboards.

Data Preparation

We created data preparation scripts to convert raw data to formats optimized for powering the website, and merged public, private, and macro data sources together in a single environment.

Web Design and Development

We developed the website to improve navigation and presentation of data. The solution received World Bank’s accreditation for visual style, web governance, web standards, and cloud security.