Your Indicator Data.
Visible. Interactive. Explorable.

Engage your audience to easily see and discover insights
across dimensions, time, and location.

Elevate your data from static PDFs, tables, and files into
engaging, interactive, inspiring charts and dashboards.

From overview to detail.
From presentation to exploration.
From public to subject matter experts.

Engaging. Rich.

Intuitive usability.
Powerful analysis.
Minus the complexity.

that fit
your methodology

Continuous support

Our Solution

And Process Are

Beyond Dashboards.

Data innovation meets the public sector

Our technology is based on years of scientific research and user testing, and trusted by global organizations.

Human-centered approach

We host discovery and usability sessions with your team and users to ideate, test, and refine.

Tailored Design

We work with your team to create a look-and-feel that fits your organizational brand and website by design, color, logo & more.

Guiding your audience in data

We provide integrated guiding multimedia that highlight your methodology and demonstrate effective ways to explore and query your data.

Getting your data in its best shape

We prepare and transform your data to enable exploratory analysis, and to boost your data workflow.

Care from beginning to delivery & beyond

No worries! We provide multi-year, fixed-cost, secure hosting with maintenance, updates, and support.

A comprehensive digital approach

We can help you expand the digital scope of your project, with project web-page, social media, and digital services. We work with your digital team for seamless integration of our solutions.

Built for the modern web

Our interactive visualizations are accessible in modern browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

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