Monitoring Humanitarian Aid Response in South Sudan

Keshif created data collection solutions and rich analytics dashboards for UNICEF in South Sudan. Our solutions improve monitoring of programmatic interventions and support emergent responses to aid distribution and program operations across all 78 counties.

UNICEF South Sudan

Sub-Saharan Africa


2017 - 2019

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  • Stabilization and Transition
  • Surveys
  • Knowledge Management


UNICEF in South Sudan manages USD 200+million worth of aid programs and interventions across the country. Using our data solutions, the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) team collected more accurate, reliable, and timely data at a larger scale across programs and interventions during site monitoring visits. The PME team uses this data and our visual analytics solutions to better understand program impact, identify programmatic constraints, and respond to emerging operational needs during project implementation in areas of nutrition, child protection, health, education and WASH.











The power of big data analysis is often praised, but with its workings left to be understood by a handful of technical experts. The resulting “black-box effect” does not promote trust in the results or a better understanding of their meanings and limitations. Keshif was able to help us develop a solid system that yields complex results instantaneously. Yet it is simple and transparent enough that users can track where results come from and be confident about their meanings. Keshif’s work was also eye-opening. It helped the PME team understand the power of better using available information and trained them on many useful skills and tools in data collection, management, analysis, and presentation.

P. Fallavier, Former Chief, Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, UNICEF

Visual Exploration & Discovery

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  • Access key high-level trends with multi-faceted querying of data and results for different program areas in a single interactive dashboard.

  • Understand the frequency, geographic coverage, and performance of staff in undertaking field visits around the country.

  • Quickly view and edit the response status to field requests and enable communication between responsible parties.

  • Instantly drill down to specific geographies, programmes, partners, and observe key trends in response status and durations.

Visual Data Analytics and Dashboarding

We created thematic and explorative dashboards for in-depth analysis of six program areas, for the emergent operational needs tracker, as well as for individual staff performance monitoring over time.

Data Strategy

We transformed six different program-specific questionnaires into a single data methodology that encompases program evaluation and operational specific questions.

Data Collection

We developed and deployed surveys with Kobo Toolbox and ONA platforms to enable online and offline data collection during site visits. Our solution prevented errors and data loss that are common with paper methods or non-standardized digital processes.

Data Preparation

We created data integration with survey tools to enable real-time display and analysis of data in dashboards. We also contributed with data quality assurance processes.

Web Design and Development

We designed dashboards and websites accessible only to project staff, customized to align with UNICEF branding.

Other Services

We supported subject-matter analysis and reporting of the field monitoring data, and trained over 60 UNICEF staff on data collection, review, tracking, analysis, and reporting.