Case Study

Global Payment Systems Survey

One-stop Analytics & Reporting Platform, Data Collection

  • Client: The World Bank - Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice Unit

  • Date: 2018 - ongoing
  • Geography: Global
  • Themes: Survey Analytics + Economic Development & Finance

Project Brief

We provide data-visualization technology and data lifecycle advisory services to support the World Bank’s financial inclusion mission. Specifically, we created a fully online streamlined survey process for hundreds of metrics from 140+ central banks that capture a snapshot of the status of payment systems, and elevated analytics and reporting capabilities across regions and subjects with a custom-built one-stop analytics platform. Our platform offers quick, visual, interactive, thematic analysis features for the GPSS team, and bespoke charts for public consumption and presentations. Our approach improves speed and efficiency of the GPSS workflow, facilitates collecting more data from more countries, and enables new perspectives, deeper analysis, and improved visualizations for communicating the results.

About the Global Payment Systems Survey (GPSS)

The Global Payments Systems Survey (GPSS) is a large-scale, in-depth survey of national and regional central banks and monetary authorities around the world, capturing the status of national payment and securities settlement systems. It is the only global survey that combines quantitative and qualitative measures of payment systems development. GPSS was launched by The World Bank in 2007, and is used as a leading instrument to guide country-specific dialogue on policy reforms in the topic. The GPSS survey questionnaire consists of over 800 sectoral questions and metrics, covering all aspects of national payment systems – from infrastructure and the legal and regulatory environment to technological and business model innovations, international remittances, and oversight framework.

The Challenge

The GPSS study was heavily relying on a set of fragmented and labor intensive processes ● to implement the survey, collect and manage the data from the central banks and monetary authorities (via disparate documents, sheets, and emails), and ● to analyze and present results and trends across regions in basic charts and tables (via one-off Excel macros and custom managed formulas). It was a major workflow challenge to effectively manage survey preparation, data collection, data review, data transformation and enrichment. Analyzing data in multiple perspectives, and preparing presentation-ready charts for their reports, presentations, and online repositories was intensive in their resources in time, effort, and skills.

The GPSS team needed to elevate its processes into a one-stop real-time analytics system for final data analysis and management, along with an online and automated system for capturing data, improvement of data quality and enrichment, and real-time display of results through rich visualizations across time, themes, and geography.

Our Approach and Solutions

We served as an integrated member for the GPSS project through planning, data collection, review, analysis, and reporting. We provided critical technical, design, advisory, and support services throughout the project lifecycle, effectively responding to emerging needs on an ongoing basis, and demonstrating our 360-degree approach in uniquely intuitive analytics, and effective data management.

For Data Collection

  1. We held discovery and ideation meetings for survey design and implementation, including identification of challenges in similar efforts.
  2. We implemented the GPSS using a fully online survey solution that supports multiple users (central banks / monetary authorities), each with its own unique survey link, multiple thematic sections, save-and-continue for capturing gradual progress synchronously, repeated sub-sections, mouse-over glossary definitions on key terms, feedback channels, and custom navigation.
  3. We provided documentation and guidance for easy use and completion of the new survey solution.
  4. We provided continuous, direct support in data collection phase, answering questions and requests from focal points at central banks and monetary authorities, as well as the GPSS team, in regards to data collection activities and the use of the new online survey solution.
  5. We helped with data and content management, and provided guidance and support for rapid data review and cleaning for data quality assurance and coverage.

Our solution supports capturing hundreds of questions across different sections and question types in a single digital environment. It replaces previous document-and-email based approach for data collection, and ensures the data is collected in a single source of truth database. With our solution and services, the new GPSS survey captured more data from more countries compared to any previous year. Our approach helped the GPSS team see the ongoing progress in data collection, and respond to emerging needs and questions from the central banks.

For Analysis and Reporting

  1. We held discovery and ideation meetings for the design, requirements, goals of the GPSS data platform, analyzed previous approaches and activities to inform our solutions and to contribute with new ideas.
  2. We developed the one-stop GPSS data platform that utilizes our core proprietary Keshif data visualization and analytics technology, with features including:
    • Secure access to data and platform by GPSS team members
    • Rich interactive data analysis and exploration in overview and in detail, via “question drag-and-drop” feature to create automated charts and dashboards, without cumbersome steps or macros for specifying visualizations or pivot tables.
    • Custom-built, bespoke charts for effective reporting and public presentation, along with easy controls to access different views and regional comparisons of trends.
    • Access to reviewed and cleaned raw data.
  3. We transformed and prepared the survey data for rapid, point-and-click analysis.
  4. We enriched the survey data to support cross-analysis by multilateral organization groups, and other key economic development factors, such as GDP and population size.
  5. We provided analytics support, on-boarding, and training via meetings, one-on-one communications, and documentation.
  6. We followed an agile development approach where we quickly delivered early prototypes section-by-section, and continued enhancements through a series of testing, presentations, and feedback from different GPSS team members.

The one-stop GPSS data platform enables the GPSS team to quickly answer key questions, discover new trends and points of view, and improve analytical coverage of the vast data it collected via the survey. The tailor-made charts improve readability, analysis, and presentation of aggregated data points and tabular summaries shared with the public and monetary institutions via their website and reports.

About the Client, World Bank Group

The World Bank’s mission is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. As a multilateral organization with 189 countries as its members, the World Bank promotes long-term economic development and poverty reduction by providing technical and financial support to help countries reform certain sectors or implement specific projects—such as building schools and health centers, providing water and electricity, fighting disease, and protecting the environment. The World Bank assistance is generally long term and is funded both by member country contributions and through bond issuance.

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