Visualizing Media Sustainability Indicators in Eurasia

Keshif created an interactive website with rich data visualizations for the Media Sustainability Index (MSI). The solution offers in-depth analysis and comparisons of five indicators on the conditions for independent media in 21 countries over two decades.


Europe and Eurasia


2017 - 2018

  • Democracy and Governance
  • Indicators


The MSI project by IREX publishes indicator data and assessments for media sustainability annually, sourced through subject matter expert panels in each country. Using our solution, community practitioners, media professionals, policy makers, and academia can easily assess and analyze trends, track progress, and understand how sustainability of local media shifts over time and across key indicators: freedom of speech, plurality of news, business management, professional journalism, and supporting institutions.







The Keshif team was easy to work with and responsive to our needs in designing an interactive data platform for the MSI. Through the entire design process, Keshif provided creative solutions and ideas grounded in their technical expertise to create a new user-friendly tool to analyze and share data in a way that we could not easily do before.

L. Trail, Senior Technical Advisor and MSI Managing Editor, IREX

Visual Exploration & Discovery

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  • Reveal regional trends with choropleth maps and instant interaction through country tooltips that show changes over time for a select country.

  • Reveal the change of scores per country over time, and compare trends across countries and regions.

  • Access all country-specific data with interactive timelines, annual rankings, year-to-year changes, and published PDF reports in rich country profiles.

  • View all indicators of a country at a glance, highlighting up/down/steady trends on a single profile page.

Visual Data Analytics and Dashboarding

We created targeted customizations to the design of the dashboard and country profiles to match the methodology of MSI. The dashboarding features are based in Keshif’s technology and design.

Data Preparation

Our data preparation process converts raw data into analysis-ready formats and supports annual updates for country scores and reports.

Web Design and Development

Our web design reflects IREX and USAID branding requirements to enable easy interaction and access to project content, methodology, guiding materials, as well as the feedback form.

Other Services

Our design and development process included usability evaluations and iterative development practices, reflecting findings into the final design of the dashboard and the website.