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It is widely acknowledged and accepted that the improvement of a business climate - including financial, regulatory, legal, and institutional aspects - has a positive impact on the overall development of the private sector. To better understand the business climate and barriers to doing business in Kosovo, the Riinvest Institute runs a survey with about 600 businesses across all regions in Kosovo. The Institute uses Keshif to visualize the survey results across geographic regions, ownership type, sector and domain.

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Regardless of revenue size, economic activity, or geographical location, businesses across Kosovo consider that the small market is a big barrier to doing business.


The second biggest barrier businesses face is corruption. The businesses that consider corruption to be a barrier, are also more likely to not trust Kosovo institutions, especially the politically elected ones.


Businesses that consider financing to be a problem are usually those that have been unable to utilize official forms of financing for opening their business - and have instead relied on their own capital.

About Riinvest Institute

Riinvest Institute promotes modern economic development based on the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Riinvest is engaged in four main areas: a) research and advocacy; b) market development; c) education and training; and d) academic research. Over the past two decades, Riinvest has produced analysis, publications and different socio-economic reports, developed markets, sectors, and interventions in the value chain, organized seminars, conferences, and roundtables with high economic and business value in Kosovo.

Dita Dobranja

Economist, Senior Researcher

Dita Dobranja is an economist specialized in gender economics and data analysis. She serves as a senior resarcher at Riinvest Institute, focusing on labor market and gender data, as well as on macroeconomic data in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. Dita is also a lecturer of economics at Riinvest College and a regular blogger at S'bunker platform. She holds a Masters degree in International Economics from the American University in Washington DC.

Vlera Mati

Research Assistant

Vlera Mati is a research assistant at the Riinvest Institute. Prior to working at the Riinvest Institute, she served as a programm adminstrator at Riinvest College, where she focused on promoting the college program to high schools around Kosovo. Vlera holds a bachelor degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from Staffordshire University, Riinvest College.

Fatos Hoxha


Fatos Hoxha is a researcher at Riinvest Institute, focusing primarily on economic development, anti-corruption advocacy, and private sector empowerment. Fatos holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting, and a Master degree in Global Political Economy.

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